I’m One of Complex’s 25 Funny People Who Should Get Their Own TV Show!

Holy recognition!  I am so stoked to be one Complex.com’s 25 Funny People Who Should Get Their Own TV Show!  What an awesome shout out – and some of my fave comedians are on there as well, including Kristen Schaal, Aziz Ansari, Hannibal Buress, and Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.

They had such nice things to say about me:

Kwok uses her instrument to create a charming veneer that allows her to talk about race and sex in a deceptively frank way you don’t often see often enough.

Aww, shucks!

Panhandler Party on the NYC Subway!

My friend Gary Mahmoud put together this amazing video called Panhandler Party:  one part improv, one part sketch, one part prank – all caught on hidden camera.

Check it out – it just gets better and better ;)

Also, we were featured on CollegeHumor.

ROLE CALL! Thurs, Oct 6 at The PIT!

Come support our new show! First Thursdays of the month through the end of 2011!

A scene from the freakiest movie ever made, AUDITION!!!!

Yup – it’s a show about (gulp…) AUDITIONS!!!  New York’s best performers revisit the role that got away! Find out what really goes on behind the audition room door in this parade of broken dreams and painful re-enactments.

Thurs, 10/6 at 7pm
The PIT, Downstairs
Facebook: :http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=285896301421857

Carolyn Castiglia (Comedy Central, VH1)
Ellia Bisker (Sweet Soubrette)
Jacob Mondry (Dinosaur Cop, Looking Glass)
Katie Hannigan (The Love Triangle Show, Earthkiller)

Hosted by Jen Kwooook

Teched by Beowulf Joooones

Only $5!

ROLE CALL! 7pm Next Sat, 9/10 at The PIT!

I’m producing and hosting this new show where some of New York’s best performers revisit the role that got away!  Find out what really goes on behind the audition room door in this parade of broken dreams and painful re-enactments….

Sat, 9/10 at 7pm
The PIT, Downstairs
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141665279261212

Peter Augero (The Moth, BTK Band)
Mindy Raf (ECNY Awards, Leibya Rogers)
Amy Albert (ANTFest, Delilah Dix)
Leah Winkler (Everywhere Theatre Group)

Spike Lee Vodka and Orient Apple Vodka: It’s the Same Vodka!

OK, Absolut – what happened here?

Last summer, you did a “Spike Lee Collaboration” and created this delicious ginger/apple-flavored Absolut Brooklyn:

Spike Lee's vodka.

THIS summer we have a “new” Absolut vodka called Orient Apple:

Asian people vodka.


Brooklyn = Old Boy?

Apparently, Spike Lee + Oriental flavors = Product co-opted by the Swedes for mass consumption:

White lady slays the dragon.

WTF – JORDANA BREWSTER?!  The chick from Fast & Furious?  …because she was in a movie with Asians in it?

I can’t wait for a line of Tyler Perry-designed gongs at Ikea modeled by Eva Mendes (Fast & Furious 2).

C’mon, Absolut!

My Tiger Mom And Me Contest

Submit your story about your tiger mom for a chance to get published and win a cash prize!!!  http://www.mytigermomandme.com/


Hyperink is now accepting submissions for their My Tiger Mom & Me contest. We’re looking for stories about real Tiger Moms.

We’ll include the 10 best entries in our upcoming anthology. All accepted authors will receive a byline and a free copy of the book.

(Don’t know what a Tiger Mom is? Click here for some background information.)


First Place: $500

Second Place: $300

Third Place: $200

The 3 winning authors will also receive consideration for a book deal with Hyperink, a cutting edge digital publisher.

DEADLINE: July 29, 2011

We’ll list the winners on our site and notify them via email on August 19, 2011.


  • This contest is open to all writers, published or unpublished.
  • Submissions should not exceed 5,000 words
  • You may submit multiple stories for consideration.
  • We accept submissions in doc, docx, pdf, and rtf formats.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of this subject material, you are welcome to use a pen name.

The Hyperink publishing team will read and judge every entry. All decisions on winning entries are final.

Email your submission to contest@hyperinkpress.com or submit through the form below. Include your full name, pen name (if applicable) and tell us a little bit about yourself.”