Interview with Megan Albertus of Momma’s Boys!

Hi Everyone,

I posted on the NBC message boards for Momma’s Boys and got in touch with the lovely Megan Albertus!

Her personality over e-mail is just as – if not more – bubbly and infectious as on the show, and I had a great time hearing her answers to these juicy, hard and fun questions!  Hope you guys enjoy hearing from the lady herself as well, and keep coming back here for more episode blogs and recaps, even though our favorite contestant is no longer on.

Megan Albertus on Momma's Boys

Megan Albertus on Momma's Boys

Megan Albertus on Momma's Boys

There’s been a lot of controversy about whether or not Megan is an actress who was hired to play a role since her IMDB and MySpace pages were found.  Here is an excerpt of Megan’s public response on the NBC Message Boards:

“First of all, I would like to thank all who tuned in to watch me bare my soul on ‘Momma’s Boys,’ regardless of your opinion of me or the show. What I thought was going to be an innocuous little love adventure, has proven to be so much more. Perhaps because this is my foray into the world of reality television and my thick skin is still developing, I feel compelled to address detractors and clear up a few key issues.

First, despite some of the theories being bandied about the internet, I was not part of some sinister plot to fool viewers! I was never anyone but myself on the program. I wish I could claim to be infinitely cooler in person, but I’m not. I simply gave NBC pure, unadulterated Megan footage and what you saw was what the network wanted you to. There are hours of footage that show my goofy side and dirty sense of humor, but it’s on a cutting-room floor somewhere. That being said, those traits are as much a genuine part of me as my cleaning compulsion and inexperience with the fellas. No one is ever as one-dimensional as they are portrayed on television. With programs such as these, the final product is a hybrid of what actually transpired and some clever trickery in the editing room to maximize viewing potential. Most intelligent people grasp this concept and take it for what it is- entertainment!

When I divulged that I am a virgin and have never had someone that would qualify as a boyfriend I was absolutely telling the truth! Why do people find it so difficult to believe? I guess I should be flattered by such doubt, but I am mostly perplexed. By such logic, just because a woman can look attractive with the help of makeup she can’t possibly have held onto her V-card for so long? Why should beauty and purity be mutually exclusive?

My chaste status isn’t so much a result of never being approached, I have been. Unfortunately, it’s mainly been by guys only interested in getting in my pants- not my heart. There was one special fellow I had very intense feelings for, but they were not reciprocated. This was my first foray into love and it was painful. Since then, I haven’t really put myself on the market. I’ve also never viewed a relationship as an integral part of a fulfilled existence. My mom has done everything on her own quite successfully, since my father passed away, and it left me with the impression that a man can be somewhat superfluous. As I mature though, I am finding that dating and relating to people does have its merits. ”

Visit the NBC Momma’s Boys Message Board for the Megan’s full response

Interview with Megan Albertus from NBC’s Momma’s Boys
December 31, 2008

(Note:  JK is me, Jen Kwok, and MA is Megan Albertus.)

JK: So what everyone wants to know – were you being “you” on the show?

MA: You pretty much summed it up when you wrote: “Reality shows strive to create characters. They identify and encourage contestants to play up one aspect of their personality.  Then they edit the heck out of that footage to make people even more one-dimensional to suit the story.” There are hours of tape that do show my goofy/more profane side, but editors danced around that and did what they’re paid to do- manipulate footage.  They are the manipulators- not me!  I was just me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for noticing.

JK: So, did you have a crush/any feelings for any of the guys in particular?

MA: Jojo was adorable, admirable in his conduct and quite a hot piece of a**! However, at 21 he was far too young for me. I felt like a cougar preying on a nubile cub- even though he had far more romantic experience than myself. I had absolutely zero connection with Michael and would have picked any girl in the house over him. With Rob, it was different. I bonded instantly with him and would have seized the chance to go on a date. He was funny, articulate and highly relatable. He was also family-minded and intent on producing offspring in the near future. I did not share this desire. Our paths were simply headed in different directions and I felt it wrong to mislead him and waste his time. I am not the type to lead a man on in real life just to see what I could get out of the situation and the presence of a camera could never alter that belief of mine. That being said, I would still love to play a game of Scrabble with him!

Hot, but too young!

Jojo = Hot, but too young!

JK: Any dates since the show?

MA: Sadly no. My time since the show has been too hectic and stressful to squeeze in a man… not that I’ve given up looking! Between moving, my beloved car (the “Megan Wagon”) dying and some health issues, I’ve not had much of a chance to chase the opposite sex. More importantly, I always insist on paying my way on a date and refuse to go out if I am unable to do this. My existence is currently a pretty meager one that doesn’t allow for much pleasure spending, but I realize that is no excuse for not availing myself to worthy fellows. I just hope that when things calm down a bit, that I can meet a someone who’s content to have cheap fun- like waking dogs, biking or meeting over coffee. Plus, now that the show has aired, a few more offers might start rolling in!

JK: I’m sure they will!  So what kind of guy are you looking for? And then once you find him, what can he do to woo you?

MA: I really don’t have a list of criteria my ideal man must meet. Physicality isn’t nearly as important to me as a terrific sense of humor, shared interests and patience. I admit, I’m a hard sell to most men. The fellow that doesn’t flee after hearing I have four cats and very little romantic experience will be the keeper! As far as wooing me with lavish displays of affection, it’s not necessary. I don’t like flashy things and have a difficult time accepting gifts. All a man has to do is be honest, allow me to retain my individuality and enrich my life just with his presence.

JK: Being such a shy person, how did you get into acting?

MA: As I child, our family endured some very difficult times- things no child should ever bear witness too, and I was always searching for a way to escape it all. Initially, I would lose myself in books, which fostered a love of stories. This progressed into a passion for movies. Being that my interests did little to help the fact I was a painfully shy introvert, my mom took action and tried to find an activity that would help make me more sociable. We tried team sports, but that was an epic disaster as I lacked any natural athleticism/coordination. Music lessons were also a bust. We then gave a summer acting camp a shot and for the first time, I remember having fun! What intrigued me most, was getting to be someone else entirely. I relished the chance to focus on memorizing lines, instead of other things. I also felt accepted amongst the theatre crowd, as all of them were the kids typically singled out by their peers as being a bit “odd.”

Megan's Head Shot

Megan's Head Shot

JK: So how often do you wash your dishes at home?

MA: Unfortunately, my single-room dwelling lacks a dishwasher, or even a kitchen for that matter! My circumstances don’t allow for much cooking, but I try to wash a dish as soon as I’ve soiled it. In fact, I’m so compulsive about this, I was recently attempting to do the dishes and simultaneously chat on the phone- ’cause that damn dish just couldn’t wait! I’m sure you can guess what happened. At least I have a rad new phone now.

JK: How long did that makeover really take?

MA: To be honest, that entire evening remains something of a blur. It was truly overwhelming. The makeover would have taken a lot less time if I hadn’t teared up multiple times at all the love directed my way. I was truly shocked and flattered that the other gals would put forth so much effort on my behalf (I think it was a way to thank me for cleaning up). All in all, I think the glam-squad took about half an hour to work their magic. I also got to keep the fake boobies I wore that night (weirdest souvenir ever)!

JK: Haha, awesome!  So you don’t get “glam” everyday, but you have those cute braids – how long does it take to do your hair in the morning?

MA: I am quite lazy when it comes to my day-to-day beauty routine and never altered this because of the cameras. I think it was because of this fact that some of the other gals deemed me as in need of a makeover (which really was done in the sweetest way). It isn’t so much that I don’t know how to achieve that look, is that I don’t really care to! I want a guy to love my for what’s in my brain, not my push-up bra! That being said, once in awhile it’s fun to play dress up and even more fun to (at least try) show that beauty and brains aren’t always mutually exclusive! As for the braids, it’s been my go-to style since I learned to braid hair as a child. I can do it in 5 minutes or less, without a mirror. I can also do a mean French Twist with only a chopstick.

JK: Do you watch the show now that it’s on the air? How does it make you feel?

MA: I never miss an episode! Now that I am no longer a part of the program, watching it is less stressful. I have some quirks and had some trepidation about revealing so much about myself. That being said, I have no regrets. In fact, the experience was kind of liberating. Also, what happens after my departure still remains a mystery to me and I’m intrigued to see what happens. I became friends with several of the girls remaining and seeing them brings back fond memories of life in the house.

JK: On a related note, this question is from the Megan Facebook group member John Wertman: “It seemed, in watching the show, that most of the people in the house – including the guys, the moms, and the other girls – genuinely liked you. Have you kept in touch with anyone from the show – and is there anyone you met that you could see yourself having a lasting friendship with?”

MA: For me, living in a house full of women was an entirely new experience. I’ve grown up surrounded by boys (a brother and all male cousins) and live a very quiet life by myself. I don’t frequently interact with people outside my family, work and a few close friends, so it was overwhelming at first. My fears were quickly assuaged though, because everyone (with two exceptions) was genuinely quite nice and lots of fun! Ultimately, the best part of the entire experience was getting to share a roof with those gals. Each woman was unique and getting to mingle with people so different from myself opened my eyes to what I have been missing by not being social. Since the show, I do keep in frequent contact with several of the girls, two of the boys and one of the moms! I may not have found love, but I did make some awesome new friends and that made it all worthwhile.

JK: You’re probably one of the few girls who fit Mrs. B’s “criteria” for a daughter-in-law. What did you think of Mrs. B?

MA: Initially, everyone looked to me as being Mrs. B’s “perfect catch.” However, she quickly found out I was far from it! One of her stipulations was that the ideal girl come from a nuclear (and preferably functional) family and that she be under a certain age. I failed on both accounts. That being said, we did bond over a mutual love of animals. In the house, we actually teamed up to rescue a giant bug that had the other girls screeching. While I absolutely do NOT agree with or condone her statements, I have a difficult time believing that someone with such a soft spot for animals is a completely bad person.

Oh, Mrs. B!

Oh, Mrs. B!

JK: So speaking of animals, do you have any funny animal stories?

MA: Well, just yesterday, my ornery cat, Baxter, decided to mark his territory on my luggage! He’s been a rebel since the day I rescued him and he hasn’t let losing an eye dampen his spirits one bit. He gained his cyclops status when, two summers ago, he decided to gnaw through a window screen and jump out a second story window. Unfortunately, he’s not the most agile cat and he landed in the bushes. In doing so, he impaled his eye on a twig and damaged it beyond repair. A visit to the cat optometrist (yes, there is such a profession) and $1000 later, he was soon healed and ready to raise hell. To this day, I think that twig might have poked his brain, because he ain’t quite right. I love him though, even if he did nearly bankrupt me.

Baxter, the one-eyed cat!

Baxter, the one-eyed cat!

JK: Poor Baxter!!! Any other stories?

MA: The Shi**y Lazy Susan. This story involves the late, great Lucky. By contrast, Lucky was a sweet, mellow ball of fluff who was always in search of a treat. In doing so, she learned to open cabinets, but never quite managed to master getting out of them once inside. One day we came home to a horrendous stink and a faint meow coming from the kitchen. We followed the sound/smell, opened the cabinet we believe to be the source, and out jumped a frantic Lucky. She was fine, the cabinet- not so much. Apparently, in our absence, Lucky had managed to open the cabinet containing a rotating “Lazy Susan” apparatus and trap herself inside. Likely out of terror, she relieved herself (#2) and ruined our foodstuffs in the process. My mom was actually contemplating salvaging some canned items, but thankfully decided against it!

JK: Any dating advice for other girls with “nerd goggles”?

MA: Find the fiercest pair of specs, ones that capture your individuality, and wear them proudly. Having the option of contacts is nice, but a funky pair of glasses can be a great icebreaker. Boys worth dating will make passes at girls who wear glasses! Such fellows tend not to be so absorbed with a woman’s exterior. That being said, never waste a minute on someone who doesn’t accept you exactly how you are, because there is someone out there who will.

JK: What’s next for Megan Albertus?

MA: I wish I knew what my future holds, but I really have no idea! Surprises are fun though. As long as I find it enjoyable, I’ll continue giving the crazy entertainment business a shot, but failing that I have a solid backup plan. I’m a very pragmatic person and assumed that I would be working in the field of forensics or entertainment writing at this stage in my life. I never intended to pursue acting after college, but did so at the encouragement of my mom. She was forced to put her dreams on hold to raise my brother and I, and wanted me to take the chance she never got. One thing is for sure, I will continue my work with animals. They bring a much-needed sense of calm and purpose to my life. I like to think of puppies as nature’s Prozac- it’s impossible to dwell on the negative when you’re in a roomful of creatures whose love is unconditional.

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17 thoughts on “Interview with Megan Albertus of Momma’s Boys!

  1. OMG! I love Megan, so it’s so nice to see an article about her! If she reads this, I want to let her know that there’s nothing wrong or strange about holding onto your virginity. I’m in my late 20s & am still a virgin (holding onto it until marraige, which won’t happen until I finish college).

    In any case, I’m glad to see that she left the show. It just wasn’t right for a girl like her. Heck… I wish she could meet one of my guy friends- they’d be perfect for each other.

  2. I really want to believe that she is ‘real’…
    It appears that about half of the participants are professional media whores: Khalood Bojanowski is really Jen Andrews(with acting credits) or vv., Most of the girls either have existing or planned acting/modeling careers that I’m sure they’re hoping to promote, and even Michael has 3 other TV show credits besides Momma’s Boys. It makes me wonder if any of the Mommas/Boys are even related!…
    But even Erica Durance made a comment about how she didn’t think that her light brown hair earlier on Smallville flattered her like darker hair does (C’mon, she would be beautiful Bald!). If someone like Erica can have insecurities about her looks, Megan’s actions are pretty believable.
    But what about the fact that NONE of her MySpace pictures (even family vacations) show her wearing either the braids or the glasses!!??!! Why would she ‘start’ the two of them for a Nationally Televised TV dating show??!! I haven’t seen that question answered ANYWHERE!

  3. I think this interview you did was really great. It was nice to read her take on how the show portrayed her and what she’s really like. However, I mostly am commenting to correct the Last commenter Mark. Khalood Bojanowski is not Jen Andrews. Jen Andrews was the wardrobe supervisor/stylist for the show. All of Jen Andrews’s film credits are wardrobe related. You can see her pictured here.

    Sorry, but I hate the idea of ANYONE being mistakened for that horrid woman.

  4. I agree with Kitty. There is nothing wrong with someone
    making the choice to remain a
    virgin, whether it’s for religious
    or other moral reasons or just plain common sense in this age
    of deadly STD’s and unwanted
    I was a virgin ( by choice & had
    several opportunities ) until I was
    30 years old and had planned on
    remaining a virgin until marriage.
    But at least my first (& 2nd ) time was also my last time, you
    guessed it, I’m still not married,
    and I “did it” with a woman I loved & was in a long term relationship with.

    And yes, I’m a GUY who believes
    in waiting until marriage for sex.
    I’ve always believed, and this is
    at least partially a religious
    conviction, that you should love
    someone mentally, emotionally &
    spiritually before you love them
    physically ( and with that legal/
    religious commitment ). If that
    makes me “old-fashioned”, so be
    it! I’d rather be fashioned by the
    old than corrupted by the new.

    I know that in this day & age
    these views are practically
    archaic, but I think if more people
    had similar beliefs, we’d have
    ALOT less divorce, spousal abuse,
    child abuse, etc.,.
    Okay let me get off my soapbox now and just say, great interview.
    My adoration of Megan is now
    restored after reading what some
    negative, pessimistic naysayers
    have been saying about her in
    other blogs. Keep cute, quirky &
    cat lovin cool Megan.

  5. Megan, you seem to have no idea how appealing you are.

    Have you ever tried dating a nice nerd? I am older now (and happily married), but was a socially awkward nerd guy when I was young. I think I would have fallen for you big time.

    When my wife and I watched the show, we debated its truthfulness on many counts. One was you — it seemed unlikely that you were as sweet as portrayed. But now we’re pretty convinced. (We said to each other that either you’re the sweetest young woman ever or the greatest actress ever.)

    Many of the things you said, and your general approach to people and situations, match the way I think and react. I’m sure there are innumerable guys out there who are smart, like to read, like animals, and are not dead set on having children. Most of them probably aren’t tall, strong, and handsome (I never was), but you say that’s not a big factor. You will do great, but of course beware of the guys who have low motives. Really, find a nice nerd!

    The fact that you’re beautiful may actually hurt you, as people find it hard to believe there are gorgeous women who are also nice and intelligent. The fact that you live in one of the shallowest places on Earth cannot help, either. (I live in the Boston area, surrounded by universities but no actors or models.)

    With your intelligence and sweetness, anything you apply yourself to will make you a success. I wouldn’t have chosen acting since it’s so fickle, but I’m not you. (I do envision you moving up through an organization like PETA, or something else devoted to animals, until someday you’re the head of it. But again, I’m not you.)

    And one more thing: real body parts, no matter their size, are INFINTELY better than surgically-enlarged body parts. Any intelligent guy knows this. I sure hope your comments were in jest, as you are extremely lovely just the way you are and any person would be fortunate to have you as a friend. And the man you finally marry? Luckiest guy alive!

    All the best to you!

    -East-coast 50-year-old nerd

  6. Megan is a class act and what she did on her final night made her a winner. I was pulling for her and I hope in time that she finds her Knight in Shining Armour. In the meantime, if you like motorcycles or want to try it, contact me and we’ll take a ride on a nice sunny Southern California day.

    • Totally, dude! To be honest, thank GOD she left the show when she did. It just got worse as it progressed and those guys were pretty loser-y. I mean, GROW UP already!!!

  7. I just saw you on tv and I really was overwhelmed by your behavior with Jojo when you didn’t accept his invitation for the sake of the last lady; That quality can only be seen in Illuminated beings that realize life is only a fantasy and are here giving love and compassion, I bow for your excellence

  8. megan is the ultimate girl for a real live good nice guy like me.
    incidentally, to every ‘megan’ out there, every guy with an i.q. over 50 will find you to be close to perfect, that its mindblowing, talk to a guy, you’ll find that unless the guy is a male bimbo, he will fall in love with you.

  9. I will miss seeing Megan on TV ,she is just so beautiful I’m lost for words .Is there really such girls out there .Will some tell me were they hide .Come to Australia Megan ,there room to have as many animals as you would like ,I would love to meet such an amazing women .

  10. Megan you a star,you are very honest,and to find people like you
    is one in a billion.this is from your friends in south africa,
    johannesburg,we love you and hope the best for you

  11. Megan you have given me the strength and courage to put myself out there and not be scared to meet the right person that god wants in my life. I have found watching the show and especially your clips an inspiration that in our world of today there truly isnt many gifted people like yourself that selflessly just give of themselves and stay true to who they are. You have a gift of love that now iam willing to give to myself and my future partner. God bless!! mwah!! you beautiful inside and out girl!!

  12. I watched Megan with awe and I do not think for one second that she was fake. The problem with so many people nowadays is that they are so cynical and jaded, that they cannot recognise a really genuinely honest and beautiful soul. Luckily here in South Africa you still find people like this, although none of them are as beautiful on the outside. You just do not know about them because they are not on TV. To all the disbelievers – the producers chose girls from all levels of society – black, white, asian, skinny, bit overweight, extroverts, introverts, airheads, intellectuals, bottle blonds, real blonds, etc. The fact that they also chose a nerdy girl was just part of the mix. It really saddens me to read that so many people have so little faith in the sincerity of genuine people and is so scared to be labelled naive that they will rather label others as being fake!

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