What the Heck Makes a Man?!

MarieClaire.com recently asked a few of us lady comedians to answer the question “What Makes a Man”?

…and it came out somethin’ hilarious ;)

It’s a cool lil slide show of different “manly” film/TV characters, with our definitions of men beside each pic.  I was STOKED that mine were matched with literally my top celeb crushes, Spock/Zach Quinto and Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick (and Walker, Texas Ranger/Chuck Norris)!

Here’s one of my blurbs:

Click the pic to read the full article on MarieClaire.com

That’s just one!!!  So check out the piece!

I think we did women everywhere proud – we being “some of the funniest women in the country”:  myself, Carolyn Castiglia, Sara Benincasa, Jamie Lee, Chelsea White and Alison Rosen.  We also commentated it up on a previous MC piece,  A Girl’s Guide to the Late Night Fight.

Not all my material was used, so here are a few of the rejects that did not make the cut:

Reject #1 – A man owns lotion, but does not care to use it unless his skin is cracking on top like an oatmeal cookie.

Reject # 2 – A man can tell the difference between the “Family Guy”, “American Dad”, and “The Cleveland Show”

Reject # 3 – A man never orders anything with the word “Chai” in it.

Reject #4 – A man is someone who, as an individual, should never purchase a Bichon Frise.

Reject # 5 – A man is someone who does not realize how awesome shoes are.

Take You Home Music Video Shoot!

Hey Ya’ll,

I recently shot the music video for my song “Take You Home” with the same dream team behind Date an Asian.  It was directed by Ballard C. Boyd and the song was produced by  soce, the elemental wizard aka Andrew Singer!  This time I have the lovely Miss CKC aka Carolyn Castiglia, spittin a rhyme on this joint!  Check out her blog post about the vid shoot for more photos:  More behind-the-scenes of “Take You Home”.

Here we are shooting at my fave bar in Greenpoint, BK, The Diamond:

Jen and Carolyn! Photo by Anya Garrett.

Special thanks to Dave and Will at The Diamond!  The bar is rockin’ with a huge Nite Brite-ish wall and painting of Michael Landon on the wall . It’s gonna look HAAAWT!

We were styled by the inimitable Johnny “JR” Tabanao, who also styled Date an Asian, and Michael Haayen did the choreography.  Also shout out to Gary Mahmoud and David Cope (who you can see in the background), who played the leading men.  Yeah…there’s a lil story that goes with this one, but you’ll have to wait till the vid comes out to see! ;)

Also special thanks to the crew that was helping all day:  Will Beckley – DP/Cinematographer, Sam Roden – AD, Jeremy Brunjes – Gaffer, Drew Martorelli – PA.  And of course Tom for driving the Honda Fit, Joe Valkenburgh for help cleaning/kid duty (there’s another kid!!!  It’s CKC’s daughter and she is FABULOUS!), and Greg Moss for help returning equipment/kid duty.

Many thanks to the cast that came out – I will shout them out when the vid arrives!!!  It will be coming out mid-April with two live screenings in NYC leading up to its release!

“Take You Home” Music Video Live Screening Dates
Jen Kwok featuring Miss CKC
Directed by Ballard Boyd, Music Produced by soce, the elemental wizard

FRIDAY, APRIL 2 at 7:30 pm (doors at 7pm)
Splurge! at Happy Ending

302 Broome Street (Forsyth/Eldridge)

This is the AWESOME comedy show hosted by Miss CKC aka Carolyn Castiglia, the brills comic/rapper on “Take You Home”.  She has AMAZING comedians on her show.  April 2 is Kevin Allison, Ophira Eisenberg, Tom Shillue, Brooke Van Poppelen and Mark Douglas – the video premiere!  We’ll be showing a rough cut of the video this evening.

FRIDAY, APRIL 16 at 9pm (doors at 8:30pm)
Mouth-to-Mouth Open Mic at the Asian American Writers Workshop

16 W 32nd St, 10th Fl (Bwy/5th Ave)
$5 suggested donation

This is the monthly open mic I co-host with Ed Lin at the AAWW, the only non-profit org dedicated to supporting Asian American writers.  We’ll be showing the official version of the video here.  Also, I invite any of you guys to sign up and present your work that night!!!  Just show up early (right at 8:30pm or slightly earlier) to sign up for a slot.  And you don’t have to be Asian!  All writers are welcome – and any style (poetry, music, comedy, etc.). We have everyone from seasoned pros to first-time readers testing out new material (usually with 100+ people in attendance each month)!