Gossip Girl: You Can’t Escape Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is like Perez Hilton. That bitch is everywhere, and she just don’t quit.

What a great season finale!!! It was especially great compared to that crap-fest of last week’s flashback episode. Anyway, it was gratifying to see so much “resolved” within the hour – of course, only to have it unraveled again next season.

Stuff I loved:

Gorgeous! Perfect!



LOVE – Blair naming Jenny “Queen”. Love.

*giggle* “Not enough!” *smile*

LOVE – Wrapping up the stupid Ponzi scheme subplot quickly with a brief phone call from Regina. No unnecessary bull crap. Love.

LOVE – Serena’s stupid ass and Carter Basin’s stupid ass together. Great! I love it. Keeps them quarantined from other human beings for awhile. LOVE.

LOVE – They bring back the Dan/Serena/Eric/Jenny half-bro plot line by finally freakin’ showing the guy. Love.

LOVE – CHUCK AND BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVELOVELOVE!Yaaaaaaay. SO romantic! Better than Disney. But still with white people. Yaaaay!

Stuff that was NOT OK!!!

Not OK – Serena wears JUST her graduation tassel in her hair because she’s soooo free-spirited? Not OK.Stupid hippie.

Not OK – Serena repurposing a Snuggie and/or Slanket as an excuse to show side boob. NOT OK.

Losing model in a Project Runway Slanket challenge.

Not OK – Lily and Rufus tokin’? Weird. Not O.K.

Not OK – Georgina coming back next season. AUGHGHGHGHGHGH!!! Nothing makes me angrier than seeing Michelle Trachtenburg’s name in the credits. Blood pressure rising. NOT OKAY!!!


Closing Thoughts:
This season was definitely hit or miss, but the overall Gossip Girl essence was maintained: drama, fashion, humor, side boob. I’m glad that the show is continuing on, but is college gonna make it better (Gilmore Girls), mediocre (Beverly Hills, 90210), weirder (Boy Meets World) or completely fucking ridiculous (Saved By the Bell)?

All I can say is, I want the fashion to keep going, but you can’t possibly have me believe that these guys are gonna run from class to class in Lincoln Town Cars and stilettos…right? I mean, what NYU student always dresses up to go to class? OK, maybe Korean girls, but come on!!! Can we get Blair some pants?

Also, I am dreading this BS that they are gonna live in the dorms – especially with Regina there. WHERE will Blair put her clothes! At least have her and Serena share an outrageously large duplex in the West Village (after she somehow gets herself kicked out of Brown and transfers to NYU due to some shenanigans). I also can’t wait for how lame they’re going to make college parties look.

Well, what the future holds we won’t know for another 3 months, but for now, let us bask once again in the kiss heard around the world:AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! No matter WHAT happens, we’ll always have this moment! ALWAYS! This happened! :D

Question of the week:
What do you look forward to next season?