Gossip Girl: Eyes Wide SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!

First things first: Ultimate Gossip Girl Summit tickets are on sale!!!

Buy them ASAP – they’ve sold out in less then two days before!!! Now onto this week’s episode:

Blair looks so pretty in the park – her hair is PERFECT! And I loved how Dorota totally put “Mizz Blair” in her place during community service.

The scene with Rachel and Dan talking about his writing made me want to puke.
“I like this story even the last one you showed me. I can really relate to the sense of isolation….” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

And Chuck at an “Eyes Wide Shut Party?!” FINALLY!!!! Thank God for Chuck’s crazy Skulls/Free Mason-inspired adventure. I really can’t take the wack story lines revolving around the new school teacher.

I really liked everyone’s look in this episode. And I LOVED the girls in their multi-colored coats during the first scene at school. Plus, Blair’s speech was awesome: “What we do here today echoes through eternity.” For you, Blair, I AM SPARTACUS!!!

But the no cell phone thing – FINALLY, Constance Billard enters FUCKING reality! However, I’m curious to know how long that policy’s going to last, since many a plot has revolved around in-school texts.

I really loved the bathroom scene too. I’d alway wondered why they didn’t spend more time in there (guess they didn’t have to, with cell phones)! And Dorota looked tiiiight in those LV glasses. HAWT!!! My admiration for all the girls was raised further when they found their respective pink phones almost instantaneously.

Best Blair Quote of the Episode: “With friends like these, who needs friends?”

Best Blair Text of the Episode: “Mary Kay Letourneau” hahaha

Many fashion points went to the pink underskirt/trim on Jenny’s school uniform, but she severely negated it with her sheer shirt and black bra. Plus, if kids aren’t allowed to have cell phones at school, why is Jenny allowed to wear chicken wire over her Colonel Sander’s choker?

Moving onto more serious things, I was really annoyed when Nelly Yuki was identified as the “weak one” and subsequently ratted Blair out. I wanted a full on MUTINY!!! Not another perpetuation of Asian stereotypes…ugh…. They even gave her the YELLOW jacket!!

Et tu Brute?

My favorite outfit of the episode was Blair’s red satin top with florets on the sleeve. I. Want. IT.

Besides being completely annoying, Miss Carr’s apartment is impossibly huge – even for a private school teacher. But I can’t believe she kissed Dan, etc! GROSS. It really grossed me out even though it was in total silhouette – especially when she was unbuttoning his pants. BLUHHHH. That scene made me long for Vanessa and Nate’s love games. But honestly, I don’t care who or what Dan dates until he comes out of the closet. SERIOUSLY.

Wrong choice, Dan!!! In fact, wrong gender.

Question of the Week:

Who is the most annoying couple?
A) Dan/Serena
B) Dan/Rachel (Miss Carr)
C) Nate/Vanessa
D) Nate/Jenny