YouTube Videos That Have REALLY Rocked My World Recently.

So being in a foreign country with somewhat/sometime Internet access on a netbook has allowed me to truly appreciate the power of having YouTube/music/media/video extravaganzas at my fingertips.

Here are the videos that have just rocked my GD world in the last week or so I’ve been back:

5.  Taiwanese kid BELTING Whitney/Dolly’s “I Will Always Love You.”  With the chubs and bowl cut like WHOAH, Lin Yu is the next Susan Boyle:

4.  Solange Knowles covers hipster band Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness is the Move” and makes it 20x better (I loved the SONG, but could never watch the original video for it’s beyond necessary awkwardness – although I loved the llamas).  Solange’s version is HAAAAWT!!!  Dig the classic sample in the back too:

3.  Das Racist’s “Rainbow in the Dark” combines all my favorite things:  Rainbows (refracted light), Rainbow (the store), Indian guys, a shower and TIGHTass rhymes (talkin’ Camembert!).  Plus, I think it was filmed around the corner from my house.  Uh, can Das Racist pleeeease be my fake Internet boyfriend?

2.  Patrick Jean’s “Pixels”.  Um…just watch it.

1.  tUnE-yArDs’ “Real Live Flesh”.  This is the “acoustic” version.  This woman is AMAZING (and plays the uke!).   Plus, there are a lot of random foot fetish shots throughout all her videos…hmmmm. I want to fall in love with her and have an Internet group marriage with her and Das Racist.  If you want to know what talent is, just watch this chick in action.  Fuck it, I’m already in love:

There they are – the coolest vids I discovered this week!  Enjoy! ;)