Date an Asian – AWESOMENESS Recapped!

The “Date an Asian” music video premiere last night at Sulu Series was AWESOME!!!

The evening started off with amazing spoken word/poetry from Jenny C. Lares, Simone Jacobson and special guest Marco Mercado.

Marco Mercado

Supercool band Paperdoll also rocked the house with some original songs – and a fantastic cover of A-Ha!

We rolled into the music video premiere, which elicited a lot of positive responses – from laughter to “awws” to people genuinely being touched by the tribute to Asian guys, it was amazing to see such great reactions to a project that has been in the works for almost a year.

After the video premiered, we had had a bunch of great performances from the guys of “Date an Asian”, who are some of NY’s top Asian male performers:

YouJean Chang got the crowd going with his hilarious, racially charged humor.

Air Tabigue did a bunch of amazing new material after literally hopping off a plane from Vegas to make the show – what a guy!

Air Tabigue

Comedy improv group Asian Flush also had its world premiere last night!  The all-Asian, all-dude group consists of:  Joel Arandia, Keith Huang, Roy Koshy, Binu Paulose, Nikhil Rao, and Jamaal Sedayao.

Narinder Singh kept the crowd going with his cunning one-liners, which I dubbed “non-Sikh-uiturs”, teehee!

Narinder Singh

Phil Nee, the Godfather of Asian Comedy (who plays my dad in the video!), totally lived up to his name and  annihilated the crowd with his set.

Finally, The Part-Time Models dance crew brought down the house for the grand finale!!!

All in all, it was such a great night, and I want to thank everyone again for making “Date an Asian” possible.  The song and music video were a TON of fun to make, and it’s such a damn thrill to finally have it out in the world!


Also, a massive shoutout to the Sulu and Bowery Poetry Club crew:  mucho thanks to Taiyo Na for giving a home to Asian American artists – Sulu Series coming up on 5 years!!!  Thank you to DJ Boo for manning the turntables, Nick for teching up a storm, and the lovely Diane O’Debra for keeping us well hydrated.

Look for the video in the coming days, very soon!!!

AND, if you have a hankering for a LIVE performance of “Date an Asian” with myself and Soce, come to K-Date on Thurs, 8/20 at Comix!  Click on “Shows” for full details about this hit Asian matchmaking show!!!

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Date an Asian will be rockin’ the Sulu Series with live performances from several of the Asian hotties featured in the video, culminating in the premiere of the music video on a rather large screen!

Sun, Aug 16 at 8pm
Sulu Series
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery Street (Between Houston and Bleecker)
$8/$5 w/ student ID ies

Live premiere of the “Date an Asian” music video by Jen Kwok, featuring Soce The Elemental Wizard and directed by Ballard Boyd.

Featuring stand-up performances from: Narinder Singh, Eugene Chang, Tommy Hudson and Phil Nee. Featuring improv from Keith Huang, Jamaal Sedayao, Binu Paulose, Joel Arandia and Roy Koshy. Plus dance crew Part-Time Models!

Sulu Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! It’s tha la bomba.
Yo, Jen and Soce be spittin’ mad…stuff…about doin’ Asian guys…which is not weird at all…or at least it won’t be, after this video comes out!!!!
Part-Time Models are fan-fricking-tastic!
This is Fred Chao. Do you know him? No? Well, you’ll want to now…. ;)

Also, for those of you who are interested (AND SINGLE!!!), Soce and I are performing Date an Asian live at Comix next Thursday night at a HAWT Asian dating/comedy show:
Single Asians, come meet your match!!! Or just get hammered and laugh your ass off.

Thurs, Aug 20 at 9:30pm
353 W 14th St (at 9th Ave)
$15 online, $20 at the door

The one and only matchmaking comedy show! Comics perform, then pair up members of the audience! Hosted by funny and fabulously talented comedian Helen Hong! The hit show regularly sells out the 120+ seat Comix main stage, and was just featured in The New York Times.

Photos by Keith Huang
Sulu Flyer by DJ Boo

Eat, Pray, Love and Other Cool Projects!

As some of you know, I just wrapped my first feature film!!!  I had a small (but principal!) role singing and playing ukulele in the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts and James Franco.  This is the movie based on the smash hit book by Elizabeth Gilbert that was #1 for, like, 3 years.  More news when it hits theaters in 2011!

Also exciting news – drawing on my classical piano training (through college, in case you ain’t know!), I will begin shooting the short film “Diminished Chords” this week.  I’ll be in a principal role as a high school piano student who teaches a hearing impaired student to sing.  Awwwwww….

Finally, in the realm of theatre, I’ll be in a lead role in Big Girl’s Club, a superfun/sadistic play written and directed Leah Winkler of Everywhere Theatre Group.  It’s being presented at Here Arts Center as part of its Autumn Artist Lodge series.

Anyway, so much stuff!!!!!!!!  I think it’s safe to say that I’m offficially back from my “break” with these projects, my upcoming full length show (August 8 at Jalopy!) and the premiere of my music video, “Date an Asian” (August 16 at Bowery Poetry Club!)!

Please keep checking back for more updates and the “Shows” section for my performance schedule.

<3 Jen